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This resource was originally developed in 2012 and utilised flash extensively - please enable flash on your browser if prompted.  

The video tutorial components of the site were created on earlier versions of software, however the fundamental concepts and features will still be applicable.

Enjoy the resource and be sure to email us if you have any questions.

About Us

At Media Teacher Toolkit we produce highly engaging copyright free media production tasks designed specifically for media teachers. Our contributors are passionate about media production and have years of both industry and classroom experience - resulting in this unique series of highly effective and hands on projects.

At Media Teacher Toolkit our goal is to save you time and provide both you and your students with an enjoyable and effective learning experience. The tasks selected for this series have been used and refined over a number of years and serve as a 'best of' in terms of producing effective outcomes in the classroom.

Our resources are both highly practical and highly adaptable. As curriculum requirements vary from state to state and country to country we have designed our tasks with this in mind. As an added bonus all of our content is adaptable and can be customised for your own unique needs.

Our products have been developed with teachers professional development in mind providing resources that will help you learn and teach more effectively, expanding your own knowledge and confidence in media production. Our video training has been developed by an Adobe Certified Expert who will give you the building blocks to develop the most effective post-production workflow for your classroom.

Each volume we provide includes four detailed tasks that include the following:

(1) Clear and concise written task descriptions and contextual background information (in various adaptable formats to suit your needs)

(2) Step by step video tutorials explaining detailed task requirements

(3) Finished real world examples (including adaptable project files so you can model the process to your students in class)

(4) Each volume includes copyright free media assets that teachers and students can remix and re-edit legally

(5) We also include an adaptable assessment rubric. The rubrics highlight core skills and competencies students should be able to demonstrate once they have completed each task.


Task 1 - Framing & Composition

Task 2 - Camera Movement

Task 3 - Editing Essentials

Task 4 - Sound Essentials

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